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The Rich Redmond Show

Feb 28, 2020

Josh Paul is an American bass guitarist best known as an original member of the band Daughtry and has played on all five of their studio albums. Prior to that, at the age of 18, he joined thrash/punk band Suicidal Tendencies

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Other notable work includes his soul/rock side project Bobby Church, and contributions to a diverse range of bands and artists such as Infectious Grooves, Everlast, Kelly Osbourne, The Veronicas, and many others.

Paul started on drums around the age of four. His parents were both gospel musicians, and he drummed in his grandfather's dixieland band. At seven years old he appeared playing drums in the Don Henley music video “The Boys of Summer”. He switched to playing bass around the age of 10.  

A few things that came up:

-Moving to Nashville from LA

-Playing with Daughtry since 2006

-Playing with Kelly Osbourne

-Josh was the kid drummer in the Boys of Summer music video

-Started as a drummer first then bass...

-Getting in with the Wackerman clan

-Suicidal Tendencies time

-Mike Muir 

-Brooks Wackerman is a genius

-Daughtry and Ed Bassmaster 


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