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The Rich Redmond Show

Jan 27, 2020

Lindsay Ell  is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Calgary, Alberta. Her music incorporates elements of rock, blues and pop within the country genre. She is signed to the US record label Stoney Creek Records, an imprint of Broken Bow Records. 


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Lindsay’s debut record “Worth The Wait” was released in March 2017. Her first full length country album, ‘The Project” was released in August 2017 and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Album Sales chart.

Lindsay has opened for The Band Perry, Jennifer Nettles, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, and many others. She is now headlining her own shows globally. She celebrated her first #1 song in 2019, a duet with Brantley Gilbert called “What Happens in a Small Town.”

Rich and his former company , New Voice Entertainment produced several songs for Lindsay in the earlier stages of her Nashville journey. This is a woman on the rise for sure! 

A few things that came up:

-Playing eruption

-Sounding like a female Chet Atkins

-Writing triples

-Musical hot dogs

-Jazz and blues influenced playing

-Living on a bus

-Scott Borchetta called her label head to be a part of the song

-Metallica's Binge and Purge

-Coming up with a guitar solo

-Working to sell those tickets as a headliner

-Using hand sanitizer during signing...

-Lindsay's gear rundown

-Static image music videos, Lindsay timelapsed guitar painting videos

-Rectal Evinrudes

-Touring realities and posturing

-Really loud bands....

-Getting together with other girl guitar virtuosos

-Being onstage with her heroes....


-Too much barbecue for catering

-Never lose that desire to get to the next level

-Authenticity matters....

-The ups and downs of entrepreneurship

-Canadian country music

-Doc Walker

-What makes a single?

-Choosing a single....

-There's no gatekeeper...

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